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  • Cara Membuat Teks Unik di WhatsApp Tanpa Aplikasi

    Sudah tidak bisa dipungkiri lagi bahwa WhatsApp merupakan aplikasi pengirim pesan yang sangat populer saat ini. Pada kesempatan ini saya akan berbagi trik tentang cara membuat teks unik di WhatsApp tanpa menggunakan aplikasi tambahan alias bisa langsung kita ketik. Saya sebut unik karena teks atau pesan yang akan kita… Read More

  • Lima Aplikasi Penting Yang Tidak Ada di Google PlayStore

    Bagi anda para pengguna Android pastinya sudah tidak asing lagi dengan Google PlayStore, toko aplikasi milik Google yang merupakan tempat untuk mendownload semua aplikasi gratis dan berbayar untuk HandPhone Android. Namun tahukah anda bahwa ada banyak aplikasi Android yang sangat berguna namun tidak tersedia di Google PlayStore ?. Ada… Read More

  • WhatsApp Kini Benar – Benar Gratis

    Jika sebelumnya pengguna WhatsApp harus membayar sekitar 12ribu rupiah pertahun untuk penggunaan tahun kedua, maka mulai saat ini, biaya tersebut akan ditiadakan. Yap, WhatsApp akan benar benar tersedia gratis untuk semua platform. Perubahan ini mungkin akan memakan waktu beberapa minggu untuk versi Android IOS dan lainnya. Tapi yang jelas biaya… Read More

  • Latest Instagram update adds five awesome new photo filters

    Facebook-owned Instagram is pushing out an update to its Android app. Instagram 6.12.0 adds five new photo filters which can be used to tweak the appearance of your shots before you share them with others. The update is slowly rolling out to Google Play, but you can grab the… Read More

  • Google Adds Hindi And Indonesian Support To Text-To-Speech Engine

    Updates to Google’s Text-to-Speech app aren’t always interesting, but today’s bump actually brings with it two new languages. For those waiting for Hindi and Indonesian language support, it’s your lucky day. Keep in mind that this is the text-to-speech engine, not the voice recognition software that already has support… Read More

  • Twitter Copies Instagram With New Adjustable Photo Filters

    Over-filtering can obliterate the beauty of your photos or make them look cliché. So to give you more nuanced control, Twitter for iOS and Android today replaced its clumsy photo filter grid with a much simpler Instagram-style row of adjustable filters. Each filter can be double-tapped to reveal an… Read More

  • Latest Duolingo Android App Update Adds Touches Of Material Design

    Duolingo treats learning a new language like a game, and it has attracted users thanks to its simple way of breaking courses into something you actually want to dive into during your free time. The latest version sprinkles in elements of Material Design, making the already visually pleasing app… Read More

  • Download an APK File From Play Store

    There are many users who cannot download an apk file on their android devices due to a network issue or that the files are too big (though Google Play limits app sizes to 50 MB). It would have been really help full if we could download the apk files… Read More

  • Twitter Expands Its Commerce Lineup With Twitter Offers, Which Link To Your Credit Or Debit Card

    Twitter just announced that it’s testing a new commerce product called Twitter Offers. This follows the announcement of Twitter’s first commerce product back in September, a “Buy” button allowing users to make purchases directly from tweets. This announcement’s aimed specifically at businesses advertising on Twitter — through Twitter Offers,… Read More

  • Tumblr Overtakes Instagram As Fastest-Growing Social Platform, Snapchat Is The Fastest-Growing App

    With 1.35 billion active monthly users, Facebook continues to be the world’s largest social network by some margin, but when it comes to picking up new users, it appears to have reached a saturation point. Research out today from the Global Web Index notes that Tumblr’s active user base… Read More

  • How to use your tablet as a second monitor for your computer

    If you’ve bought yourself a new Nexus 9 or another tablet, you may well have an old device laying around that you no longer need. Before you sell it or give it away, you might way to consider giving it a new lease of life as a second monitor… Read More

  • Plan And Organize Every Inch Of Your House With Home Design 3D

    When it comes to interior design, there are three categories of people: those who will get any item and place it anywhere, those will do their best to make things look good without going to extremes, and those who will agonize over every angle, size, color, and texture. If… Read More

  • Nova Launcher Beta 3.3 Brings Lollipop-Style Launcher Cards

    When I switched over to Lollipop on my Nexus 5, I was too lazy to transition back to the Google Now launcher to get that Lollipop aesthetic. Instead, I stuck with Nova, knowing that eventually I’d get the look on TeslaCoil’s third-party launcher. Well, today’s the day, assuming you’re… Read More

  • Samsung Launches Milk Video, The Tastiest New Media-Streaming App In Your Galaxy

    Samsung has milked music before, and now it is ready to milk video as well. The company has announced another creamy media-consuming app intended to pump more value into the hands of millions of Galaxy device owners, and it goes by the name of Milk Video. This time around,… Read More